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How can I contact you?

You can contact me at mailbagATstraitjacketed.com. You know what to do with the "AT" there.

How much are you charging for your subscription-based content?

Subscriptions are $19.95 for the first month, then re-bill at $14.95 per month thereafter.

When do you update the site?

The Pay Load subscription-based content is updated once a week, usually on Fridays. Free Load content is updated less frequently and not on any set schedule.

How can I join your site?

Go here to join.

How can I cancel my subscription to your site?

Go to the join page. There you'll find a link called Customer Service/Cancel Account leading to a ccbill page where you can locate and cancel your subscription. Ccbill will ask for two of three pieces of information from you and then list the subscription(s) you currently have open with them. You can then cancel recurring billing from there.

What sort of content can I expect with a membership to the subscription-based area?

Photo sets and video clips, with one new photo set and video clip added every week. All photo sets and clips uploaded to the membership area from the site's beginning are available for veiwing and download.

I can't play your videos. What can I use to play them?

Videos on the site currently come in two different formats, depending on when they were made. Older clips are .avi. Newer clips are .mp4. I use VLC Player for all my playing needs. It's free, and will play just about anything, including all my videos.

So are straitjackets all we're going to see here?

No. I'm a fan of bondage in general, so other forms of restraint will appear here from time to time, but most of the binding here will be done with straitjackets .

Do you take requests for stories or artwork?

No, sorry. Having said that, please feel free to send me feedback about what you like and might like to see. I cannot promise that those suggestions will make it into any future stories or artwork, but they might if something you mention inspires me.

Do you accept submissions of stories and/or artwork?

Absolutely, that would be great. The more the merrier. The only caveat is that it's gotta be your own stuff so there are no copyright issues. Also, depending on the nature of the content not everything submitted will be posted to the site.

Straitjackets? Really?

Yeah, that one puzzled me for a lot of years when I was younger. I never came up with the big one reason why within the context of the overall bondage fetish, I somehow preferred straitjackets as a method of restraint. In the end, I accepted an ďIf itís wrong, I donít wanna be rightĒ perspective and gave up wondering. However, I did come up with some smaller reasons why along the way.

Reason 1: The basic engineering. Primitive and barbaric. It's naught but a shirt with extra long sleeves. Yet with a few minor modifications, a strap to connect the sleeve ends, at least one strap on the body of the jacket to prevent the arms from being lifted overhead, plus a crotch strap, and you have a completely unyielding, totally inescapable restraint. Theyíre overkill by their very design. You could just cable tie somebodyís hands behind their back and essentially achieve the same results. A straitjacket, with their size, material, and fastenings, are grossly over-qualified for the task to which they are assigned. I love watching movie or tv melodramas where the heroine is tied up by the bad guy, but always manages to escape. The garden shears syndrome. You know, she manages to find a pair of garden shears in the shed sheís tied in or whatever, rubs through the rope binding her, and she's off and running. If the bad guys would just straitjacket these women instead, theyíd never have a problem. The epidemic of TV and film escapes as we knew them would stop altogether. A proper straitjacket is a permanent straitjacket. Once youíre in, you have no hope of escape unless someone else releases you. That's appealing.

Reason 2: The look. I love dance/exercise-wear and to me a snug-fitting straitjacket and crotch strap call to mind a leotard. In fact, my ideal straitjacket design is basically a leotard with closed sleeve-ends. A leotard and glossy tights is as sexy to me as the most revealing lingerie. Thank you, Solid Gold dancers. I was never quite sure why I loved that show so well as a boy and tuned in every week. Turns out, it wasn't because of Marilyn McCoo's singing.

Reason 3: The look - part 2. Iím fine with the "coverage". One of the main reasons I love bondage is what the stress of a given position or tie can do the female form. The human body is the most beautiful thing on earth, and women have, far and away, the better looking version of it. I love to see the female body stressed into positions it couldnít otherwise achieve but for the bonds that make it so. As much as I love straitjackets, the art of bondage, that being the careful manipulation of the female form, doesnít get any better than the ultra-strict nude hogtie. My very favorite part of the female body though, is from the waist down. The callipygian buttocks, the stepped, flaring hips, the pleasing curve of the thigh, the bulbous flesh of a well developed calf, the graceful arch of a sexy foot. The bottom line is that the entirety of a womanís upper body being covered by something akin to a burlap sack (hopefully a tight-fitting, well-tailored one, at least) is not an irritant to me. The tightly bundled top and the waiting, vulnerable bottom is a big draw. The upper part of the body, the dangerous parts, the fists and elbows, opposable thumbs, and nails, all safely remain pocketed away while below the waist, well, anything can happen. Part of the idea of the straitjacket incorporates the crotch strap as a kind of chastity device. All one need do is unbuckle it...

Reason 4: The look - part 3. Style, baby! Iíve got a rainbow of jackets. Different textures, materials, and colors. Each with their own cut, fit, and method of fastening. I have strictly aesthetic ones that are playful and sexy but don't really restrain, and I have hyper-functional, seriously intimidating ones that would have even the strongest, most resourceful woman totally and inescapably bound. And thereís a million and one more variations yet to be seen. Iím driven to get all of them, like some kind of twisted Pokemon. Gotta get 'em all! And God willin' an' the creek don't rise, you'll see all of them here on straitjacketed.com.


Here I'll pay respect to those who have influenced me in some way. Apologies up front to anybody I might omit. Like not remembering the album you wanted to buy until after you've left the record store, Iím sure Iíll remember others I wanted to mention later. If not for many of these people, myself and many others wouldn't understand that they're not crazy, and they're not alone. Thank you.

Favorite Producers:

Jim Weathers - Itís his world, and Iím just trying to scratch out a place in it. What this man has done in the past, what he is currently doing, and what Iím certain he will continue to do, is work on a level that nobody else can touch. Everything, from the quality of the image, composition, theme, subject, the meticulous and inventively diabolical ties, the sharpness and cleanliness of those ties, to the almost always beautiful and flattering outfits (ie, very little to no stripper-wear, the bane of pornography and my existence) and sensual stockings and hose, itĎs just top level stuff across the board. I believe if I were a fetish model, thereíd be nobody Iíd be more interested in working with than him. The Weatherman always makes Ďem look like a million bucks. So much so that sometimes Iíll have to double-take a familiar model just to be sure itís the same woman Iíve seen elsewhere. I could live to be a thousand and have full access to a troop of contortionists and still not come up with half of the shit Iíve seen him do. Thereís almost never an ornamental rope involved. The genius of his intricacies is that every strand of a tie serves the larger overall purpose of the rigging. And like a great director, he seems to mine from the actor, or in his case model, a level of refinement and production rarely seen from them elsewhere. In the Weathermanís world, everyone brings their "A" game. Heís justÖIím going to go cry now.

PJW - My personal savior and the guy I most want to be when I grow up. Finding his work online through the newsgroups via WebTV back in the day (and I presume at this point thatís the modern equivalent of a grandparent relating a story about listening to the radio programming in the time before television) was a revelation. This guy was in my fucking head. The look of much of his work resembles so many of my own fantasies and desires. His black and white photography is some of my very favorite art. I just think heís exceptionally talented, with that Midas Touch that great artists have that can turn a picture into a photograph. His camera captures more than a simple image. It captures drama, and playfulness, and sensuality and sexuality, in less varnished, more gritty, real-world brush strokes than his contemporaries. To this day, his black leather straitjacket makes me swoon. That thing is nothing less than a work of fucking art. It seems to shrink to fit what ever model is wearing it at the time, and always appears to be the proper size. That is to say, too small.

Sean Harper - I think you can see a pattern emerging. A lot of shiny stuff like dancewear, spandex, hose, sexy shoes, and great ties. When I started viewing and collecting bondage imagery, much of it was pretty much just ďHarmonyĒ. As I got more familiar with the material and it became more granular, and I started to learn the producers working within the Harmony structure, I began to realize many of the photo sets I had collected over time were all produced by the same man, one Sean Harper. Again I just believe some of our aesthetic proclivities overlap which helps make me pre-disposed to like his work. Or, his shit was just really great looking, consistently. Whatever floats your boat. His work had an elegance and a maturity that was very adult, very sensual. I donít want to use ďclassyĒ. Thatís almost a pejorative anymore.

Felix Dartmouth - Cranked out some pretty great straitjacket stuff in his own right, but also gets the nod for running archives-bbs for years and years. For the longest time, this site was my daily stop, perusing the dayís goodness from the groups and padding my collection with lost and hidden gems. I just have to recognize and say thanks.

Craig from Conversaion Piece/Quality Control - Merge his love of tights/hose with PJW's straitjackets, and you have, uh, me. I love his style. In fact, I'd say he's the modern-day Sean Harper, minus all the shower-cap and white tennis shoe buisness (sorry, Sean). He also gets the cutest girls around to model for him. It's great to see the fresh faces on his site, and to see otherwise ubitquitous faces in a different light, through his prism. He also does, by his own admission, some really unique video work that I love. His stuff has only gotten stronger since I stumbled on it years ago, which as a fan is awesome. He's even incorporated some custom straitjackets and segufix stuff into the mix, to my great delight. He's just a youngster too, so hopefully he'll keep producing for a long, long time.

Honorable Mentions: MSP, Dorothy Laine, Imago Studios, House of Gord, A Fetish Page, Dominic Wolfe, Phil Carson, Captive Culture

The Manufacturers:

Somebody has to create these incredible restraints. They don't materialize out of thin air, however awesome that would be. These guys make the stuff our pervy dreams are made of. See them if you want a dream of your own made real.

Christopher: Made the custom red and black leather straitjacket for me. An absolutely amazing piece of craftsmanship. He consulted with me every step of the way to be sure the jacket was exactly how I wanted it. I think we made some innovative choices with the design, and it ended up turning out even better than I'd hoped. I'm extremely happy with it, and I hope to work with him again in the future for more custom gear. Visit the links page for a link to Christopher's blog. There you can follow his other projects, or even contact him for one of your own.

Max Cita: Made two custom Psycho models for me, to my exact specifications. I wanted one that was less strict looking, and would allow for more movement and struggling, and one that was as gnarly and binding as possible. They also needed to fit a small model snugly, so he sized them small and corsetted the bodies wonderfully. Really fantastic, artistic workmanship. Two of my most special jackets to be sure, they're just so well-tailored and lovingly crafted. You can't go wrong with Max. Not many people are doing what he's doing, at the level he does it, if any at all.

Leather Creations: Made my super nice black leather straitjacket. As ever, the idea for this jacket was to be an approximation of PJW's pretty little thing. It's close. Unfortunately when I needed to provide measurements, I didn't have a curvy 5'4"-ish woman on hand to take the full suite of measurements from. Consequently while it's slim-fitting everywhere else, it's long in the torso, relegating it strictly to the taller models that can wear it well. Also, when I first received the jacket from them, it was obvious it wasn't made from the measurements I sent. They had me box it back up and send it right back to be re-made. True to their word, the one I got back was just what I was looking for, so I know they'll stand behind their work. Easily one of my favorite straitjackets.

JT Posey: The prototype. Plenty of copycats around, particularly on ebay, but those guys just can't compare. Super functional, but also beautiful in their sleek utility, their no-frills, nuts and bolts design. Maybe they don't want their stuff associated with the pervs, but nobody loves them like we do. It's true. Incidentally, if you're reading this and you have a Posey XS that you'd be interested in selling, please contact me at mailbagATstraitjacketed.com. You know what to do with the "AT" there.

No Escape!!!: Another restraint ar-teest extraordinaire. Torsten from No Escape!!! practically specializes in custom work. He made a gorgeous red and black satin lined and covered straitjacket for me that I adore. He works fast and works well. I'll certainly be buying from him again in the future when I need a straitjacket of a material and design that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Thanks, Torsten!

CJ's Leather: These fellows made a bananas custom straitjacket for me using a fantastic looking antiqued brown leather, exactly the kind of look I wanted. The craftsmanship is superb. Once again though, they didn't seem to use the measurements I sent to put the jacket togehter initially, resulting in a hulking, huge thing. I was able to send it back and have them tailor it back down more towards the size I wanted, so again, I know they'll stand by their work.

Also: To everybody online who contributes something, somewhere. To everyone who sends updates to sites like Greggerbitsí or Brianís Page. To everyone who captures content-rich scenes from movies and tv and then posts them online. To everyone who writes stories or creates fetish art. A special thanks to everyone who provides their favorite site with a personal item to enhance the work. I'm thinking of sj enthusiasts in particular. Thereíd be so many fewer sets out there if guys like Harry, Richard, myself, and Iím certain many others, didnít loan their jackets to various sites for shoots over the years. Big ups!.

And finally, his own special acknowlegdement:

Greggerbits - His site has existed for years as a beacon in a safe harbor for straitjacket pervs to find out about the latest media available. There was a time when I was just getting on the net and his site was still young, that I had scoops to give him on scenes in movies or shows, as did many others. My reserves ran out quickly though, and heís been keeping on, keeping on, as he turns up more and more hidden gems with help of a vast armada of contributors. Practically my bondage homepage. The day his site is updated with the URL to this site will be one of the highlights of this whole endeavor. I don't think any site on the net has meant to me over the years than Straitjacketed Women in Mainstream Media.

To all, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Modeling Opportunities

Interested in modeling for straitjacketed.com? Can you get yourself to Rhode Island, where I'm located? No experience is necessary. The only prerequisite is a nice figure. Contact me at mailbagATstraitjacketed.com with "modeling" in the subject for more information.

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