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10-30-09: Sarah Gregory and Kobe Lee

Sarah eagerly asked to try on the sleepsack at the end of this shoot, and I'm glad she did. Save the latex rubber straitjacket on Wenona, no restraint I've used has ever fit a model more tightly than this leather sleepsack, loaned to me from the guys over at Serious Bondage and originally created by Christopher, fit Sarah. She looked fabulous! I think you'll agree. *drool*

03-13-09: Hazalea in Rubber

Curvy and cute as a button, playful pixie Hazalea poses for you in black latex.

12-27-08: Iana in Black Leather

What happens when you take a beautiful woman with superb legs and press her into a tight-fitting black leather straitjacket? See for yourself. This is a different straitjacket than the one Nicole was bound with, and it's one of my favorites. It's much more tailored and form-fitting, as you can see. Rowr!

11-28-08: Nicole in a Black Leather Straitjacket

Here's a few shots of Nicole in the very first straitjacket I ever purchased, a black leather number from Dressing for Pleasure in New Jersey.

11-14-08: More Nicole...

Here is a bit more of Nicole in the posey, face down, arms behind. My oh my!

10-31-08: Nicole in a small Posey

First up for you, Nicole. This was the first shoot I did and...mistakes were made. Consequenlty many of the photographs didn't come out at all, and the ones that did look a bit rough. It kills me too, because Nicole had a tremendous ass and great legs. They look so at home in the back-seamed micro-net Gerbes. *sigh* Oh well, chalk it up to experience. Enjoy!

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